End of Week 9 PTs and Reports

In the first few weeks of groundschool, I found that I had very little, if any, work to do… but things move very fast and one soon has to put in at least 30 minutes to an hour of work each day to consolidate the material taken in during the day. Then as the week 9 progres tests approach, everyone gets their heads down and start studying and there is less and less spare time!

Most week 9 test results are put on display in the instructor’s staff room, just hours after the test, and we all rush over to check our marks! De-briefs for each tests are held the day after they are taken. This is when we go through the test, going through anything that’s not understood or where any errors in the test are highlighted and where any credit should be given and has not been, is given out.

The seating plan has been changed after the week 9 progress tests. Most people aren’t accustomed with the new seating plan right away, but we’ve all now gotten used to it.

We had interviews today, in which we were presented with our reports. This is where each instructor is required to comment on a student and give marks for attendance, class contribution, human factors and assimilation. I think human factors assess personality, group interaction – and how you’ll fit into the airline environment. Assimilation is about how much material a student is able to process and learn during class. The reports may not be accurate in respect to how a student really is, but it is in the sense of how a student is perceived – and we have been told from the start that the industry is all about perception. For example, if someone is confident out of class but lacks it, in class, then they will be perceived to be someone with a lack of confidence – even if it is not true in general.

So far, I’m pleased with my tests and report.. and had a week off after the tests and I think I’m ready to get back to working and soon delve in again to prepare for the mock JAA exams which are only about 2 months away.

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