Time to switch the air conditioning on!

It’s become considerably warm in the last week.. and I’ve not even turned the heating on once – and that’s saying something! I’m glad the Summer’s here, I hate the Winter! We’ve been taking advantage of the good weather and playing Tennis regularly in the courts outside. Unfortunately my car has broken down so I’ve not been able to make any spontaneous trips to the beach! The water reservoir is leaking, which means I can’t drive very far at all, so will have to get that checked at the garage. This comes at a very busy time for me! I’ve started to study hard for the next set of JAA exams, and that coupled with flying leaves me with very little time to do anything else!

Unfortunately, though it’s warm, the weather’s taken a down-turn lately with a low pressure system forming around us – so there won’t be much flying done anyway.  This leaves me extra time to study for the groundschool side of things.

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