It’s been a while since I’ve actually been to the threshold, and in fact previously I never did actually go all the way there! This time we walked around the perimeter and to the threshold of Runway 20. I enjoy going out to the airport to take a few photos during my study breaks, to get out of my room and refresh myself! We went out after dinner and caught 3 commercial take-offs and one light aircraft landing. I also wanted to get my camera out to take a few photos anyway – I’ve not taken many in a while.

And MD-80 climbing away like a rocket, from runway 20! You can see the approach lights below.

The Jerez VOR is located on that hill:

This is the last week of groundschool, after which we’ll enter phase 3 of training, which is full-time flying! Mock exams are only a couple of weeks away now!

Sunset from the threshold:

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