Day: April 25, 2008

First wave of mocks

So far so good! We’ve done the mock exams for: Flight Planning, Aircraft General Knowledge – Instruments and Operational Procedures. The Flight Planning paper was 3 hours long, which I managed to finish in under 2 hours giving me plenty of time to check through my work. This is one of the exams where you’re typically pushed for time, so we’ll see how it goes in the real exam! The other two papers are no problem as far as time goes. The next set of papers to sit will be Aircraft Performance, Air Law, IFR & VFR Communications and Human Performance & Limitations. Then the real JAA exams a week after!

I’ve already booked my flight to go home for 3 days – taking the Ryanair from Jerez to Stansted and on the way back flying back via two flights, a domestic to Stansted and then back to Jerez. I wish Monarch would resume their Summer flights Manchester – Jerez! They were so much more convenient and their service is good.