MCC Day 1 – Career Preparation

We were given a project ahead of time, which was to research an airline and do a presentation on it.  I was allocated British Airways, so over the weekend, I prepared a PowerPoint presentation on the company.  We were only allocated 5 minutes for the presentation, so I chose to give a brief overview of the company starting with a few facts and figures and then going into a discussion on the fleet, subsidiary companies, airline alliances and a brief note on green policies that the airline adopts.  There were 14 presentations in total on different airlines including a brief discussion on each, led by the chief groundschool instructor.

Once the presentations were done, the head of training came in to briefly give us a heads-up on the recommendations to airlines and how things are looking at the moment, followed by a more detailed presentation by the graduate employment assisstant.

We then practiced some group exercises.  The class was split in two, whilst one was doing the group exercise the other observed and vice versa.  This was quite useful to me, as I’ve never experienced group exercises as a method of selection.  They involved problem solving and discussion on a certain scenario involving strategy.

The day was quite useful, it gave us all something to think about, a taster and further motivation to continue or start preparing for the airline interview.

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