MCC Ground School

Much of the ground school was spent on watching videos of aircraft incidents and accidents and discussing them with special focus on crew resource management (CRM) & human factors.  These videos included the Tenerife disaster where a 747 collided with another 747 during its take-off run, the Kegworth air disaster and the “controlled-flight-into-terrain” (CFIT) of a B707 in Tenerife.  The rest of the groundschool focussed on familiarising ourselves with the Hawker 800 flight deck, Auto-flight Control System (AFCS), learning the checks and roles in a two-crew flight deck.  We were given a SID and an NDB instrument approach as examples and were given guidance on where to make configuration & speed changes to correctly set the aircraft up in time for the procedures.  During this week, I’ve spent a lot of time studying the pitch-power couples, speeds, configuration and learning the roles of the Captain/First Officer and pilot-flying/pilot-not-flying.

Also, the dress-code has been business-wear, so a change from the normal school uniform.. so we’ll all have to wait till next week before we can try our new epaulettes out!  I’m programmed in for 3 simulator sessions next week and they’re spaced out so that we have at least day in between to work on any de-brief points from the last simulator and to prepare well to get as much out of the sessions as possible.

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