MCC – Simulator Session 2

This session involved flying a standard instrument departure (SID) from Edinburgh and then vectors back to the airport for an ILS approach followed by a go-around and then an NDB approach.  The go-around was one of the new elements that we focused on.  This was a time of very high work-load and tasks had to be prioritised and clearly defined in terms of who was responsible for particular tasks.  There is a high workload due to having to re-configure the aircraft, fly the missed approach profile, communicate with ATC, alert cabin crew, etc.  During this stage the pilot flying concentrating on carrying out with missed approach procedure and flying the aircraft whilst the other pilot was responsible for all communications and monitoring the aircraft and the pilot flying.  It’s very easy to bust altitudes/levels when going around if the aircraft and autopilot is not correctly setup..!

The ILS approach was simple enough, especially since it was asissted by the autopilot.  The pilot flying set the autopilot up and monitored it whilst the other pilot dealt with communications, cabin crew, checklists and monitoring the aircraft.  The first NDB approach we didn’t go particularly smoothly due to bad prioritisation of tasks amongst other things, however we had another couple of goes and got there!  The NDB approach really highlighted how important it is to prioritise and share tasks to get to a common goal, which in this case was to complete a safe and stable approach to a safe landing.  The pilot that’s monitoring takes on a really important role.

I’m looking forward to the next simulator session, where there’ll be failures to deal with such as generator failure and cabin pressurisation malfunction/failure.  Unfortunately I’ve not got any photos of us in the simulator yet… however there are videos… which may be put up!

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