MCC – Simulator Session 3

This session involved dealing with cabin depressurisation and served as an introduction to dealing with emergencies as a crew.  Everything happens so quickly.. especially if it’s an explosive decompression!  In the briefing, our instructor mentioned that in reality, during an explosive decompression, at 35,000 feet, we’d be in intense pain and would not be able to see much in the flight deck due to the mist and nor would we be able to hear each other due to the noise.  Thus, emergencies such as this must be practiced to ensure that the correct drills are followed and in time to ensure the emergency is dealt with.  At 35,000 feet, a pilot has around 20 seconds of time of useful consciousness to recognise the failure and put an oxygen mask on.

We practiced this a couple of times – on depressurisation, we immediately put our masks on and then established communications between each other.  The pilot-flying monitored the aircraft whilst the other went through the emergency drills and then the pilot-flying initiated the emergency descent.  During this time the other pilot liaised with ATC and cabin crew.  I can imagine a real depressurisation to be much more difficult to deal with, as the effects of depressurisation could not be simulated in the simulator.

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