Logbook & Paperwork

There is an immense amount of paperwork to be done at the end of the course…!  Other than the logbook, there were many other forms to fill in and get signed such as the accounts paperwork, FCL forms for the CAA and course critiques.  I’m glad to have gotten all that out of the way,  I just handed in my logbook and completed paperwork to the CFI so that it can be sent to the CAA to have my license issued.  I’ve got one more simulator session tomorrow morning and then it’s the graduation in the evening!

Writing the logbook takes the longest, as every entry must be neatly and carefully written in, ensuring that no errors are made.  In addition to that, we had to go through our logbooks stored on the computer a few times to iron out any errors or investigate any anomalous figures.  Once that was done, only then did I start writing the entries into the logbook.  As I was writing in my logbook, I almost felt as if I was re-living every flight and hour I was up in the air.  I surprised myself with how much I could recall – all the flights that went extremely well, the low points where I felt like things were just not going as well as I wanted them to be and the highs such as my cross country which is the most enjoyable VFR flight I have done.  I felt quite nostalgic as I penned in my last entry.


  1. Jane Westcock says:

    Hey! I have read your site throughout your course. I have about 60 hrs on Warriors and have recently completed a degree in mathematics at Oxford. I am a little worried about my background and whether it is suitable to train to be a pilot? I spend quite a lot of time on flight sim, is this useful? Can’t wait to hear from you…


  2. Ximensions says:

    I come from a similar background – I have a degree in Physics from Imperial College London, and had a similar number of hours previous to training (built up over 2 years… no thanks to bad weather in UK amongst other things). I’ve had no problems coming from this background and I don’t forsee any for you. I personally found flight sim useful for the instrument flying – to practice my scan, etc – not so much for the VFR flying. Still, I personally think it helps.

    If you have a passion for aviation and the drive and motivation to be a pilot.. go for it.

    Congratulations on your degree, and I wish you the best of luck with your flight training.

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