This was the day we’ve all been waiting for since we started the course.  It seemed so distant and out of reach when we started and then finally materialised on the horizon towards the end of Phase 2.  It has only been 14 months, however it has been a long, challenging and though intense at times, an enjoyable journey.

The evening started with drinks at the bar and this was the first time that I got the chance to introduce my family to my friends and instructors.  We soon gathered in the graduation room and the ceremony opened with a speech from the head of the school followed by the head of training giving the guests a description of the course and what each of us had to go through to get to where we are.  The special guests at our graduation were Captain Ian Baston, Captain David Given (from Flybe) and Kevin Kraven from Qatar Airways (pictured below), who presented the Base Trophy to me.

This trophy was awarded to me because I achieved the highest ground-school average score of 99.2% on my course.

In total, all of 12 people on my course graduated:

The graduation ceremony was short and sweet.  When the speeches were done, certificates & wings were presented and then the trophies, after which we all got the chance to take photos with friend and family.  Tapas and sherry was served after the ceremony and soon it was time to walk over to the dining hall at around 7.30pm.

It was hard to believe that the same chefs that cook the canteen food that we all love to complain about so much, cooked such a lovely meal at the graduation!  I was pleasantly surprised and enjoyed the meal.  At the end of the meal, it was time for light-hearted speeches from a nominated instructor and a couple of my friends from the course.  As usual, the speeches went down really well, with the instructor focusing his speech on us and our speech on the instructors – and I think we surprised some of them!  Each course usually makes a “graduation video”, which is a collection of footage taken during the course, and it is often full of humour!  It is usually shown in the dining hall, however due to constant technical issues experienced in the past, the management suggested that it would be best if it was set up in the bar so that the guests have a chance to stretch their legs and socialise whilst the projector is being set up.  This worked out extremely well.  The graduation video was impressive – a couple of friends on the course worked hard at it and it was a success.

It was a really enjoyable day, however at the same time I was exhausted, as I had been working hard on the MCC and organising myself for the move back home.

Unfortunately I have not got the rest of the graduation photos on me, however I will do soon and I will put them up!


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