Month: May 2009


Table Mountain, Cape Town, South Africa

Muizenberg Beach, South Africa
Muizenberg Beach, South Africa

I’ve not written in a while since I’ve been waiting for contracts and processing the necessary paperwork.  I’m sure the photos above do not reflect this, however, I took the opportunity of my spare time to visit family in South Africa and it was a welcome escape from the cold winter in Britain!

At the moment, I’m busy with a lot of paperwork.  I received my training contract last month and the employment contract last week.  They’ve now been sent off.  Other paperwork that I’ve been sorting out involves security & background checks necessary for an airside pass, signing up to an accountant and other random pieces.  I’ve found that keeping scanned copies of my passport, credit card bill (for proof of address), school certificates, logbooks, license pages, and other documents that may be needed in applications have saved me a lot of time.  I’ve kept them all in handy PDF formats so that whenever I need to send a copy, it’s there to hand and can be zapped to its destination in an instant via email!  I just completed an online course in security and printed out the certificate, which is needed for a security pass.

I booked all hotels and organised my flights to Sweden, last week.  I start with an induction in less than 3 weeks, on 08 June and then I’m flying to sweden on the 20 June to start the type rating on the 22nd.  We’ve already received our timetables and information on who our simulator partners will be.  In preparation, I’ve bought the 737NG Cockpit Companion to familiarise myself with the aircraft.

It’s been a long, but I’m sure a worthwhile wait, and I’m looking forward to it!

I’ve also been tweeting more than usual over here: