Month: April 2010

Back after a month off!

I spent some of my month off touring USA.  I had never been across the pond before, so decided to reward myself with an 18 day adventure touring Arizona, California & Nevada.  We visited various cities and beautiful locations, taking my DSLR camera with me to shoot a record of all the amazing places we visited.

A whale caught playing in the Pacific Ocean, just off the coast of Santa Barbara
Sat on the edge at the Grand Canyon... 4000 feet vertical drop!

Unfortunately, I ended up catching a cold soon after I arrived in UK, and so had to reluctantly take a couple of days off work whilst I recovered.  As if that wasn’t enough, I ended up having to take some more time off due to me requiring root canal treatment.  An infected cavity is incredibly painful – definitely not a condition you would want to fly with, as flying makes the pain worse due to the pressure differences at altitude and would certainly incapacitate you to some extent at the very least!  Nonetheless, I am back in the air and happily flying again.

Other than the disruptions to my flying schedule caused by my health, a volcano erupted and sent airline travel into chaos!  Many of my friends had been left stranded at airports that they had just landed in after being forced to stay there due to widespread airspace closures over Europe.  I was lucky enough not to be one of those left stranded.. and hoping it stays that way!

I was pleasantly surprised when I found that it was quite easy to settle back into the flow of things after a month of no flying. I’m looking forward to the Summer months now – not necessarily better weather since there can be quite a few thunderstorms around, but more day-light ours means I can enjoy the view.  I’m looking forward to the approaches to airports such as Malaga and Alicante which take you out over the sea and give you a fantastic view, which cannot be appreciated as much at night.  Having said that, the view at night can be quite majestic over large cities such as London – provided it’s a clear night!