Month: July 2010


The week started with what was going to be a short day – just a couple of flights to Ireland.  At Dublin we picked up a VIP, with the whole entourage of cars, men with ear pieces (bit like it is in an episode of Prison Break) and a security detail.  Then, just as we were shutting the aircraft down, we were told that we were given an extra two flights to Derry and back – such is aviation and so there’s a need for a degree of flexibility to accommodate anything that can change!

The contrail of an aircraft that just passed us by overhead.

The next day, I flew to Lanzarote with a Captain who’s South African.  It was interesting to know his story and ask about his experience flying different type of aircraft and in different airlines around the world.  He mentioned that he flew the 747, 727, 737 classic amongst other myriad of aircraft.  I asked him some questions about the handling qualities of the other aircraft types in the Boeing range in comparison to the 737-800 and as most people have told me, the other aircraft have better handling qualities, or at least are more stable.  We also had a chat about South Africa, as I also have family there.

I flew to Wroclaw & Szczecin for the first time, and still astounded by how warm the Summers are in Poland!  I’ve only been to Poland in Winter previously, and they’re bitterly cold!