Spent a day in Seville today, no beach here, just a river flowing through it. We had a nice walk along it, saw a few people canoeing and biking along.. and I got a free straw hat! By now we’ve given in the car we hired and we’re just using my car. Whilst I was at the flight school, I was kindly given the arrival information and documents ahead of time. I am a little nervous about tomorrow, which is when I move into the flight school accommodation, where I’ll be staying for the rest of my course duration – 14 months.

Gibraltar & Marbella

Got the car last night and dropped it off at FTE, which will remain there till Wednesday when we return the car that we hired. Met up with the very helpful and friendly staff at FTE to go through some details on Spanish laws concerning cars and then we were off to Gibraltar!

Driving to Gibraltar.. on the right-hand side!

Gibraltar looks like a big clump of rock surrounded by buildings. After a little confusion with passport control we entered Gibraltar. I could instantly recognise the features that are familiar to me from back home in England – the traffic lights, police cars, shops, everything in English language…

The most interesting feature was the airport. The road runs right through the airport and intersects and goes across the runway. The system is so that when an aircraft is coming into land the traffic on the road is stopped. Was quite an odd experience driving through the runway! We then went on to the coast to see if we could catch a glimpse of Morocco on the other side. We were quite lucky this time, the visibility was high, as opposed to the last time my family visited, when it was dull and raining! (Morocco below)

We then strolled over to the Mosque nearby, the building of which was funded by King Fahad of Saudi Arabia.

More photos of the mosque here. After looking around Gibraltar we headed for Marbella in the afternoon. I wasn’t really impressed with the beach at Marbella, dark and stony sand, and a quite narrow beach. Maybe I checked out a bad stretch! I did notice quite a few boats docked, I didn’t bother to walk over though, I was so exhausted. Overall, Marbella is very pretty and probably has a good night life, which is probably why it attracts so many tourists.

Was a lovely drive…to Gibraltar and Marbella.. looking forward to checking out Seville tomorrow!


The Spanish people here in Jerez are incredibly friendly, which has really helped when not knowing Spanish has proved to be a bit of a barrier.. and when I’m feeling a bit homesick already! Still, we’ve got the Spanish phrasebook and I’m trying, and enjoying it!

Things are only beginning to starting to sink in, slowly. The feeling is similar to when I started University – it didn’t hit me till I got there.

The narrow Spanish streets were a bit of a surprise to me – it’s amazing how bus drivers manage to turn these corners! Also, I’ve discovered Orange trees randomly growing on the street in Jerez – something that’s certainly not a common sight in England!

I also noticed that they have their siesta (at least in this part of the country) which is approximately between 2 – 5pm. Most shops are closed around then and re-open later.

The day was spent exploring Jerez and going to the beach nearby in Cádiz. Collected the car very late tonight – around midnight due to some delays.

I’m tempted to buy a deck chair so that I can go study on the beach for a few hours on the weekend!

I’ve not visited Spain before, so this is all new to me!

The Journey Begins

The day has come and it still hasn’t sunk in! Bags were a bit heavy at 25kg each but they both checked in without hassle. Unfortunately there’s no free wireless at Manchester airport, so I’ve had to save this entry!

Manchester Airport

The airport was quite busy as we were passing through security – a queue that spanned and snaked around the entire terminal floor! Was quite a shock since it was completely empty before we went up the escalators to the first floor for a coffee.

Well, the plan for the next few days till I move in on Thursday is to collect my car which is getting shipped over and of course.. to enjoy Spain!

Birth Day

I’d like to thank everyone that has been sending me kind messages and wishing me a Happy Birthday! The thought is really appreciated.

Started the day with a nice cup of Earl Grey..!

Also my flickr pro account has expired.. *hint* *hint*

Just a few days.. go before we fly out to Spain, which will be on the 17th! Anything that I’m shipping over to Spain, with my car, is packed.. the rest I’ll deal with tomorrow!

Other than packing, I’ve been busy building a few computers.. something that requires plenty of patience! Upgraded my PC, and now flight sim is running much more smoothly. Also, I’ve been so busy so far that I almost forgot that it’s my birthday on Thursday 14 June!

The rest of this week will involve more packing, running around to get myself organised with things I will be needing in Jerez and entertaining my 2 week old nephew!

Coming soon..

Dear family, friends, visitors,

I will soon be sharing my experiences at Flight Training Europe, Jerez – with you! Please bookmark this blog and check back soon.